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Established in April 2003 under the name Atbérica, Diusframi Portugal changed its name in May 2005, due to capital increase and the strategical implement that aims for in terms of services in national territory.
The company started its activity in the field of equipment for personalising bank cards, and it has been expanding it to other fields, such as ATMs, POSs, loyalty terminals and others.
In 2004, the Company experienced its largest growth by being chosen to provide technical assistance to a section of the ATMs site of the SIBS (Sociedade Bancária de Serviços S.A.) network, in the northern part of Portugal.
Diusframi Portugal though it was only established in 2003, has in its staff professionals with over 15 years of experience in equipment for banking automation and automatic cash dispensers. Those same professionals cooperated, since 1990, in the development, implementing, management, installing and maintenance of banking automation equipments for several clients, hence having acquired a profound knowledge of the product, of the business and of the general banking needs in this area.